Motivation. Something we hear and see on a regular basis with all the social media quotes, icons and “celebrities” that get our attention to “follow” what they are doing to keep us “motivated.” If you agree with this, keep reading…

I am going to be 100% real, honest, short and sweet.

Being SELF-MOTIVATED is the best discovery you can possibly find for yourself. It is probably the hardest thing to do, but will change your life once you find it. Self-motivation is, in its simplest form, the force that drives you to do things. Understanding and developing your self-motivation can help you take control of so many aspects of your life, which therefore will change your life and everything in it.

What is Your Motive?

The Fundamentals to self-motivation is understanding what motivates you to do things.

This may sound obvious, but sometimes your personal motivation is hidden from your consciousness – your own personal hidden agenda. Your motivation WILL change as you go through life, and your needs, wants and goals WILL also change and evolve. Therefore, you have to think about motivation in TWO different ways.

1. LOVE. Because we want it.
2. MONEY. Because we need it.

Now, don’t get offended or upset. Let me explain a little further.

Different people are motivated by different things and at different times in their lives. The same exact goal may drive people in different ways. Meaning certain things motivate people differently, and that is perfectly OK. For example, working out. For some it motivates them because they are passionate about it and absolutely love it. While for others, they do it because they know they have to improve their health to live a longer life, or in other words, they know they NEED to do it. Both goals and forms of motivation take the person to the gym, they just have a different form of self-motivation to get there.

What motivates ME is being able to connect with people. For those of you who work closely with me, or know me, know that I like to think of myself as RELATABLE. What makes me happy is when I can connect with someone because they may be going through the same thing as I have gone through or am going though. I express myself loudly. I open up my heart very easily. And I allow everyone to see Melina on a daily basis very clearly. I like to inspire others through my relatability and openness, whether it be teaching a class, through social media, or working at an expo with over 100,000 people. I share my passion to give others positive energy because there just isn’t enough out there. Many times I get shut down or am misunderstood for my openness and willingness to be a good friend or colleague when all I’m doing is simply being me. Have you ever felt this way? I strive to instill confidence in others so they know they are not alone in this thing called LIFE.

Let’s be honest. Life is hard, pure and NOT simple. Everyone has similar struggles, insecurities and doubts. I use my doubt as motivation. I make my struggles a lesson to better myself. And I take my insecurities and showcase them into something positive that will make me more confident in the future. You see, I am not perfect, but I find a way to self-motivate even during the hardest days.

In closing for you to think about…

What is it in your life that you are passionate about? What drives you to get up every day? What pushes you to work harder? What do you enjoy doing every single day? How do you want to LIVE.

Too much? Maybe you don’t have the answers to these? It’s OK. THINK about this and write down a few of the answers and look at them every single day. THAT IS YOUR SELF-MOTIVATION.

xoxo, your trainer… Melina