Health and Fitness

I’m Melina. Fitness is my passion & my superpower- Hence, MELINAFITNESS as a brand was born. 
Instilling CONFIDENCE is my purpose. I want to be a positive energy to EVERYONE I meet. Whether you want to have a class with me, train & work with me personally in fitness, or be a part of my Fitness Family with FREE weekly Fitness content and Meal guides, you can subscribe to my newsletter below.

All Things Beauty

Being in the Fitness Industry for more than 21 years, I have made sure that I only use products that I trust. A part of being fit and healthy is the confidence and mindset brought upon by taking care of yourself. This includes using the right products from Haircare, to Skincare, Make-up and of course Supplements.
MONAT is the global leader in naturally based, vegan, non toxic, healthy anti-aging products with an unrivalled business model that enhances self confidence and financial well-being. 
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Digital Marketing Course

I would never had survived in the industry for 21 years if I did not adapt to the ever-evolving world of marketing. Through the years, I have attended trainings and have become multi-passionate in the different ways of promoting my business. 
If you are someone who wants to start a business but doesn’t know how to start, promote your business, or just build a better life, I can personally guide you through that. 
Just sign up with your information and let me guide you in taking a DIGITAL MARKETING COURSE which has helped me in finding solid ground for my brand.