Skinny Jeans & Margaritas
with Melina and Dave
How to stay FIT without the QUIT.
Our hosts Melina Fitness and Dave Welch are best friends living in Los Angeles for 10 years. Both are entrepreneurs, and though very different in personality, compliment each other with their shared values and core beliefs. This dynamic duo will get you laughing off your seats with how to balance fitness, health, dating life, work life… and well, let’s face it– LIFE, because it’s hard AF and their approach is finding the right balance while enjoying MARGARITAS and staying FIT IN SKINNY JEANS. 
The Episode 1 of Skinny Jeans and Margaritas!
Detoxing 9-Months Preganant? What?
For this episode, meet the bestfriends Melina and Dave as they discuss all things REAL LIFE, and diving into some of the hottest trends.
This episode is jam packed with Melina and Dave catching up and talking about the hot topic of the year- DETOXING! Discover what Dave thinks about detoxing coming from a single Hollywood life, AND Melina giving him factual advice of her health and fitness expertise! You will also discover how Melina is nearly 9 months pregnant and how she starts to let everyone know her postpartum plans.
Episode 2!
A New Movie and A New Baby! What?
This episode is packed with Melina and Dave catching up and talking about big changes that have happened in the last 6 months! Dave is filming a movie and Melina has a 5-month baby all while continuing her brand!
Episode 3!
Single Life Mindset PLUS 3 Big Tips for the Holidays!
In this episode Melina and Dave catch up and talk about single life through the holidays & sharing their personal tips on how the mindsets plays a big role in you’re choices & confidence.
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Episode 4!
2022 Recap, and BIG PLANS for 2023!
In this episode we hear Melina and Dave catching up and talking about their highs and lows of 2022. AND… you really won’t want to miss out on what is next and up-and-coming for both of them in 2023.

Life is full of ups and downs… and these two are here to share their thoughts and how they navigate through both  accomplishments and setbacks.
Episode 5!
BACK SCRATCHING Ideas & Advice with special guest Adriana!
Melina & Dave, discussing all things REAL LIFE and diving into some of the hottest trends when it comes to personal experiences through health & fitness, with this episode’s SPECIAL GUEST — Adriana Gentile Sheffer!
Meet this boss entrepreneur power house, and learn how she and Melina MET and now work together. She helps address a situation Melina is facing and gives her BIG advice. Her words are so POWERFUL!