How to set REAL Goals & get REAL Results.

Society today is socially at an all-time HIGH. People are finding jobs, friends, dates and several hobbies through social media. We are motivated, inspired and fully live through social media whether we realize it or not. You are probably reading this BLOG post because you saw it on social media. It’s everywhere and it is going to continue to grow. It will be, if not already, our number one source of publicity within our work ethics and practices. (This literally could be a 10 page blog just on social media).

As a fitness professional for over 15 years, I must confidently say that I have worked my ass off educating myself both physically, mentally and socially to create the success that I have today. Setting goals was something that came through my passion for what I loved to do, helping and inspiring others, and this passion showed who I knew I was deep down inside.

Today we are constantly influenced so much by what we see on social media that it blocks who we really are. We can “POST” anything to make people believe “this is me.” We all don’t have to be a “Public Figure, CEO, Pro-Athlete, Fitness Model,” etc., so why do we pretend to be something we aren’t? Social media has blinded who we really are, and people are mis-guided when it comes to setting realistic goals.

In order to accomplish and goal, you have to set realistic expectations. If you set 10 different goals, you have to commit to accomplishing those 10 things. Do you really expect yourself to do all those 10 things equally with the same effort and energy? This can be overwhelming and lead you to not accomplish even one of the goals that you set. It is better to attack one thing at a time and fully commit to that one goal. Then when you reach it, you feel that much more satisfied and READY to accomplish your next goal. This establishes realistic expectations for what you can and can’t do when it comes to your efforts.

Visualize where you see yourself truly after you have reached your goal. Visions and/or pictures are great motivations to remind us of what we are working so hard towards. However, don’t allow the WRONG visions to block your path. What I mean is, on social media we constantly look at the perfect physique, perfect hair, perfect whatever, and the truth is that those images are NOT REAL. You have to dig deep and find out who YOU really are and what you are striving for to have the right vision to work towards. This is the biggest obstacle with social media and setting goals today because the goals people are setting aren’t realistic to achieve in the first place.
It is important to understand that REALITY is ultimately what will bring you to your success. Who you really are will drive you to become happy, satisfied and accomplished. Pretending to be something you aren’t will create road blocks and setbacks. Your goals will not even get close to being achieved because you have let false icons and information drive you away from your potential to be YOU.

So, take a step back. Take the time to think about what you are really passionate about. What defines you and makes you get up every day to be YOU? Set goals that will motivate you to be better at who you are, and if you don’t know who you are, then that should be your first goal. Define yourself, and be CONFIDENT in that truth.