Bundle: The Truths About Detoxing + The Fit-Tox™ Mini Challenge


Get this e-book bundle and enjoy both of the e-books – The Truth About Detoxing and The Mini Fit-Tox™ Challenge. They are both designed to get each and every one of you motivated to create daily healthy habits that are not yet established consistently in your lifestyle.

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One of the biggest topics that literally every client I’ve worked with brings up is… “I want to go on a DETOX,” or “can you put me on a DETOX, I need to drop ‘x’ amount of weight before ‘x’ event.” This hits me every time, and I felt the need to discuss detoxing further so that my knowledge and expertise on this specific topic can be 100% transparent.

Any healthy diet should be established based on eating natural foods, the timing of food intake (which is very important), controlling portion sizes, and creating food combinations to get enough essential sufficient nutrients.